Most commonly asked Questions

Questions you may have for your wedding photograher as a bride in Canmore, Banff Lake Louise, Moraine or Emerald Lake.

Do you live in the Bow Valley?    Answer: Yes. I live in Canmore with my amazing husband Ruben and my two little childern.

Is wedding photography your full time job?    Answer: YES

Are you going to be our photographer?  Answer: Yes

How many weddings do you shoot per year?   Answer:  No more than 22 weddings per year and no more than one per week

What happens if it rains on our wedding day or blizzards?  Answer:   I am crafty and will shoot regardless of the weather if you guys are keen... we go outside! If you are not  keen to endure the elements we will go to indoor backup locations with patios that we can escape onto to try to see the mountains in some photos!  Umbrealla are always a great thing to buy for yoru wedding day!  Something you think would look pretty in your photos!  I have some as well but depending on the couple you may also like to choose your own!  They are great to block hot sun in mid-summer and protect your hair on windy days adn to stop the rain from ruining your hair!

Will we receive our wedding images on a cd or jump-drive?  Answer:  Neither.  All images will be downloadable from your password portected galleries in high resolution.  They will be safely stored there for up to 6 months.

Do you use a second shooter?  Answer:  I have a great responsibility to provide the product you see on my website when you choose me to capture your wedding.  With that comes a great responsibility... I need to be shooting to capture what you have bought and seen on my website;)  I always will have an assistant with me who will do some second shooting but I am responsible for the mass of the images you will receive!

Do you edit all the images yourself or oursource? Answer:  I cull and edit all images myself, I know exactly what is being delivered to you, photo by photo.

Should I wear mounatin worthy shoes on our bridal portrait session? Answer:  YES.  It is so important in all seasons for the brides and bridal party to have flats shoes with a rubber bottoms to get in and our of the meadows.  In winter the men too are required on their photo tour to have at least sneakers and or boots.  Likely anywere we go off the resorts will be covered in snow so the chances of seeing your shoes are very slim.  Mens dress shoes- in general -are a nightmare in snow... so if you are having a winter wedding; buying mens dress shoes with winter soles is smart however not always possible- so as I had said... please have the boys and the girls bring along mounatin worthy footwear!  Remember you can always slip into your dress shoes once in location!  

How long does it take for us to receive our images post wedding? Answer:  up to 12 weeks 

How does the videography work?  Answer: My talented husband Ruben will be along side me all day, capturing the words and movements shared around you, by your family and by eachother. During your engagement session we too will then do a little interviewing with you guys!  We will send you a pre questioner to get you mind racing on ideas and thoughs that we will ask you about!  

How long have you been a photographer? Answer:  My whole life as I can remember.  I got my first camera from my news paper obsessed grandfather (he was so wonderful) at that point I started a year book club in my junior high and it went from there.  I have a two year diploma in Commercal photography, a Photojournalism Major as well as Graduate studies in Communications- ongoing!

Words of advise from me to you...  On your wedding day be present, grateful  happy , tranquil, giddy, funny, thankful and look each other in the eyes non stop, tell eachother how excited you are for your wedding union, how beautiful each other look, laugh with eacother, cry with eachother.  The best pictures for me come from when the couple is mindful and connected by each other.  I can yes put you in poses but only you both can show me happiness. 

Who would you reccomend for your hair and makeup?  Answer:  Please click on my preferred Vendors list for links to all my fave Wedding vendors here in the Bow Valley!





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